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Hidden Coltishall And its Hamlets

This walk begins outside the Pharmacy in Coltishall High St and takes us into the hidden streets and paths behind the busy main village.  It is muddy and wet- very wet in places and finishes down a busy road. But in between we will find quiet hamlets, rolling countryside, drifts of snowdrops, a fire engine, old churches and chapels, a pink hippo, a red lion, coach and horses and the site of a castle.  Not to mention the Milne-Shaw siesmograph. 
Around 4 miles, all welcome. Contact for further information


This walk starts outside St Botolph’s Church, Banningham and takes in some ancient landscapes where many stone age, Roman and later artifacts have been found. Broad Norfolk fields, two churches, an elephant, a lady churning butter, St George and his dragon, some fine old houses and a railway. About 5 miles, dog friendly, small country roads and tracks. Who knows, maybe a quick pint awaits completion of this walk!



This walk starts amidst the Autumnal colours of Pigney's Wood, quickly changing to open fields before arriving at a church that is described as "an astonishing experience".  Work out the palindrome, count the angels, and generally marvel at one of Norfolk's hidden treasures before making your way back past a Dead Man's Grave (is there any other?) to the starting point.  Five miles on mainly country lanes and footpaths. All welcome and dog-friendly, you won't want to miss this one!   If you want further information on any of our walks, have ideas for walks, or would like to organise one, let me know! 


Further afield than usual, but if you have never visited the Heritage village of Heydon, now is the time to do so! This is a short, 3 mile, walk through the grounds of Heydon Hall and back via fine Norfolk countryside to finish in the village of Heydon where there is a pub and a tea shop.  If you want to indulge in lunch at either establishment, then book in advance as this gets very busy, particularly in the Summer months! Start from the free car park, signed as you enter the village. Heydon is a dead end; it is best to travel towards Cawston from Swanton Abbott, then take the Holt road right (North) before Cawston- Heydon is signposted from there.from the car park,



What better way to enjoy a fine Summer's day than a 5 mile walk around beutiful Norfolk villages finishing at a pub for a lunchtime drink?  This walk starts at Aldborough and is a tale of two Greens. It will pass the Watch Oak, parkland, common grazing, many Georgian houses, The White House, two Norman churches and a hall designed by the same architect as Holkham. Begins from outside The Cricketers On The Green, Aldborough (formerly the Black Boys) where you might choose to finish for a well-deserved pint!


North of Trunch

A delightful trudge round Trunch beginning outside St Botolph's Church. Enjoy typical old Norfolk flintstone houses within a designated conservation area before heading out on wide open fields and country lanes. And don't miss the eclesiastical treasure- one of only four in the country! Around 4 miles an opportunity for an optional pint in The Crown afterwards.

The-Crown-in Trunch.jpg

Swanton Abbott to Skeyton

A local walk from Swanton Abbott over to Skeyton and back.  Mainly on familiar lanes and tracks we will explore rural Norfolk.

Church view.jpg

Marsham Heath Start: The Thatched Shelter, Marsham (near The Plough on main road)

This walk starts from the thatched shelter, Marsham, just South of Aylsham. Over lanes and fields, into woods and blasted heaths and back again.  We will go via London and Cambridge, see a WW1 airfield, the White House, a Roman road, a 15th century ladies hat, a brewery, sixteen saints, an Institute for improvement, site of an iron works and perhaps finally, a plough. Dog friendly, about five miles.  A write-up of the walk will be published here shortly.

Another walk, this time starting from Buxton Bure Valley Railway car park. We have walked Buxton before, but this one is different- not Oxnead, but another manor estate.  There is parkland, marshland, woodland, heathland, open fields, two churches and the site of a third.  We will see the Powells menagerie, a wavy wall and you can buy presents too- books and marmalade mainly.   

Around 5 miles, dog-friendly.



Buxton Heath

Tunstead to Ashmanhaugh

The leaves are off the trees and the Norfolk countryside is open and exposed but there is still much to enjoy. Round towers are quite a feature on our walks recently, and here we will see another, alongside a much larger church. We will walk through the industrial heartland of Norfolk- wide open skies and large fields.  We will see two stags, the Place, hoops, two power stations, a black boar, migrant workers, and suffer some mild peril. Maybe we will need a pick-me-up at the Wilkes Head after all that! 

Around 5 miles, dog-friendly.


20221026_085936 1.jpg




Rural Norfolk and Railways

 This one begins from the Weavers Way car park just South of Felmingham postcode NR28 0LL (Felmingham Station). and takes you via quiet roads and tracks to visit Tuttington. Watch out for old railways, dutch gables, black water, round towers a sun of fire and an elephant. In Roman times this area was much busier than it is today, with many remains having been found- so keep a keen eye out!

Around 5 miles, dog-friendly.


bacton Gas.jpg


Bacton Circular

Ancient and Modern A dominating feature of this walk is Bacton Gas Terminal but don't let that put you off- it also explores the charming countryside around Bacton.  Beginning at from Bacton Green it investigates the hinterland behind the terminal.  Expect views of the coast, an art deco grave, a brush with art, three churches, wall painting and a police car.  All welcome (dogs will need to be controlled on one tricky biy of road). Parking is the trickest bit... there is a car park (NR12 0EW) not far away but there may be a charge for the car park. The actual walk starts from the Oriental Garden Chinese Restaurant but if you can park anywhere between the Coast Road from The Old Duke onwards and make your way to the Oriental Garden, you will be already on the walk!

Around 5 miles, dog-friendly. 



10.30am Sunday 10th July from Northrepps aerodrome car park

Walk, Wings, Wheels!
This walk begins from Northrepps airfield for a 5 mile walk around the quiet lanes of Northrepps. you may experience fly-pasts on the way as part of the walk follows the runway. On the walk itself you will experience mild peril, take in the charm of an old iron-working village, learn about Esmarelda and her shrieking pit, pass through cornfields and shaded glens and see many fine houses. There is parking at the airfield and also a cafe (check opening times).
Around 5 miles, dog-friendly. For details download the pdf (to be attached shortly)



Start Outside Black Boys Inn, Aylsham Town Square

This one starts from Aylsham Town Square exploring the rich history of the settlement. We will pass the former workhouse, see an old mill before heading for open country, returning by country lanes to inspect Humphey Repton's grave and attempt to break in to a mort safe.   Around 4 miles, dog-friendly.

Theobalds Church Hautbois.JPG


Ruined Castles, Churches and Italianate buildings along the Bure

This one will explores hidden Coltishall, taking a gentle meander up the Bure and back, looking out for an Italianate Water Tower, the site of a castle, a disused church, a secret tunnel, an old bridge and a quiet village green.  Around 4 miles, dog-friendly.

The-Crown-in Trunch.jpg


 Start from outside St Botolph's Church.  Enjoy typical old Norfolk flintstone houses within a designated conservation area before heading out on wide open fields and country lanes. Should be around 4 miles an opportunity for an optional pint in The Crown afterwards. Download to follow shortly. For more information contact me on Or just turn up on the day!

Honing Station.jpg


All aboard for a wander around Briggate and Meeting Hill!  the walk begins from Honing Station Car Park, Briggate. We will head for the hills, take in a meeting, walk along a corridor of gravestones, check on our line of defences, mill about and maybe get a bit cross. But I am sure it will be enjoyable whatever the weather. Shorter than normal (honestly) it is about four miles on country lanes and footpaths, all welcome; dog-friendly.


We have done over thirty walks now and I have written instructions for some of them, should you wish to do a self-guided walk yourself. Please select and download from the list below

worstead Church.jpg


This four and a half mile walk starts from the Erpingham Spread Eagle and leads us over a small hill to Ingworth. On a clear day there are views in all directions from the top.   Sir Thomas Erpingham, who is mentioned in Shakespeare's Henry V and built a gate for the cathedral came from here. We will encounter a short tower, a thatched church, a mighty manor house, griffons and delightful scenery. If the weather is kind, then there are magnificent views dominated by the large Parish Church, proceeds of the successful wool trade. Mainly country lanes and tracks, suitable for dogs. It is very muddy in places, so probably not the best time to break in your new trainers!
Note: the walk can be extended to 7 miles by crossing the Bure and following the northern boundary of the Blickling estate.



A walk in an ancient landscape littered with roman remains. Start outside Burgh-next-Aylsham church for a 5 mile walk across flood plains and rolling fields that link two small villages. We will see a Mermaid, fossil quoins, a shrunken village, an important trade route, a Georgian Country Estate, two churches, a brewery and some hammerbeams. Parking may be limited near the Church, but you should find somewhere in The Street, Burgh.  The walk can be shortened by crossing the road and turning right after step 8, missing out steps 9-12, rejoining at step 13.  But you will miss the historic sights of Marsham!



This walk begins at the fully restored Gunton Railway station.  A relatively short four miles this time on footpaths and roads but you will encounter a nature reserve, heathland, common land and a school in the tudor gothic style. You may also see a Llama, a donkey, pregnant sheep, several dragons, their hall, two flamingos and The Yorkshireman.  Muddy in places but suitable for all. A chance to buy braised mutton, Reflect from your Shadow and finish with an (optional) drink in the Suffield Arms.

gunton station.jpg


10.30am,  Sunday 21st November 2021

Fred Pain was an ever-present member of this walking group but sadly died about a year ago, in the midst of Lock-down.  At the time we were unable to mark his passing, so this walk re-created one of his early walks with us from Swanton Abbott to Lamas. It begins at the Swanton Abbott Village sign opposite the telephone box on Aylsham Road. Across fields and using country tracks, look out for two pubs, WWII camoflage, an old hall, a spitfire, and two churches.  Five miles on mainly country lanes and footpaths. There is one 400yd section on a of busy road where care must be taken but otherwise it is dog-friendly.  We were pleased to finish the walk by dropping in to The Diplomat and remenicing about Fred. Maybe you will too!  Download the walk below.



What would you be, you wide East Anglian sky,

Without church towers to recognise you by?

This was a great walk that began outside the Rising Sun, Coltishall and took us along the river to Belaugh and back through St James.  Try this walk aind out what inspired John Betjeman,  enjoy the peaceful river, spot the ice house, saxon arches and the ghost of a thief.  Mainly country lanes and footpaths but one field invariably has cattle in- so take a lead for the dog! The guide will be available to download- there are a lot of historical notes with this one!

Download Walk pdf


Surrounded by gentle Norfolk views, we a re lucky to have a number of walks close by.  You can join us on a scheduled walk or take one of these self-guided walks to do yourself.  Most are about 4-5 miles and will take a leisurely two hours to do.

A 5 mile walk in pleasant countryside with good company- what could be better?

Coltishall Pharmacy.jpg


Relax on a beautiful Summer's day with this walk by a river in the beautiful Norfolk countryside.   This walk begins outside the Coltishall Pharmacy. It is four miles on mainly paths, tracks and quiet roads, so suitable for dogs, and explores the village of Coltishall and its hinterland. There is evidence of past industry, you will learn how big a pig really is, discover some delightful and tucked-away flint cottages and climb a hill.  There are opportunities to lose your shoes and paddle in a river.  Indeed some may choose to take a dip....

Honing Lock.jpg


This walk began at the Weavers Way car park, Bengate at 10.30am (just off the main A149).  The weather was hot and this was a lovely walk through shady woods and growing crops, taking us back to the 1890's with glimpses of the Pleasure Gardens. Look out for a cannon, an iron arch, a lock, a waterfall, a white horse a pill-box and I am convinced I saw a white-tailed eagle last time!  Transport is a constant presence. The download will be posted soon

Best wishes Steve Day


Click on the links below to download

Worstead Walk 160521.jpg


A gentle walk starting at the Jolly Farmers, Swanton Abbott



Beginning outside the church at Worstead this takes you on a jouney out to Briggate and back



This is a splendid walk taking you into the hinterland behind Bacton and returning through fields with delightful views.



This follows the approaximate boundary of the Parish of Swanton Abbott, up to the heights and then down to Stakebridge Beck and the Goat.


Click on the links below to download


This starts at the old settlement of Swanton Hill and goes through Westwick to Felmingham via Bryants Heath and the 1381 Peasants revolt battlefield. A slightly longer walk, but worth it!


A shorter walk around Swanton Abbott designed by regular and long-time resident Caroline. Spot an old school, the remains of a pump and the woodman's cottage.

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